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Let our recruiters help build your team through our Basic Contingency Search or our Premiere Retained Search.

Basic Contingency Search

These are non-exclusive searches, recommended for your priority hires. Your candidates are sourced for you based upon your job description, and we present them to you as they become available. Working with multiple recruiters makes it more difficult to keep every active recruiting company up to date as the job role may be adjusted over the life of the search, so we work with you as much as possible to keep your search fresh.

Premiere Retained Search

Recommended for your high-priority hires. You need fewer, higher-quality applicants and you need them now. Here are the additional benefits of a Premiere Retained Search:

  • Laser Focused Searches. Your first meeting is to define your exact needs by forging a clear understanding of the position, the project, your company and its culture and fine-tune our sights on your ideal candidate.
  • Continual Fine Tuning. Each time you receive a candidate, your assigned recruiter works directly with you to fine tune your search. New candidates are presented to you based upon your feedback, until you get your ideal hire.
  • Total Commitment. Your retained search is maintained until the job is filled.
  • 10 Free Listings. During your retained search, you may post up to 10 job additional openings on our website at no charge to post or to hire.
  • Cost-effective Rates. The fees for the Premiere Retained Search are the same as the Non-Exclusive Contingency Search.

Fees and Billing

Search fees are based on the projected salary range at 25% for Director level and above and 20% for below the Director level. Search billing is specific to the type of search:

  • Basic Contingency Search. Contingency searches allow either party to walk away with no obligation or exclusivity, so fees are only paid upon a successful hire / placement.
  • Premiere Retained Search. Fees are paid in thirds: 1/3 upon the beginning of the search, 1/3 at the beginning of the second month and the final 1/3 upon successful hire.

One size doesn’t fit all

Your needs are unique and don’t always fit neatly into a pre-packaged solution, so call us or click here today to have a Mary-Margaret Network consultant craft a custom solution for your needs.

Challenge us. The tougher the search, the more fun we have!


Mary-Margaret Walker

Mary-Margaret Walker

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