Zombie Meal

Jon Nelson’s first meal as a zombie


Jon was interviewed for our blog back in 2009, and we’re digging up so many oldies-but-goodies as we update the blog on our new website!   Jon Nelson most recently was the Director of Online Marketing and Strategy at Disney Interactive Studios and held similar positions at J2 Global Communications, Princess Cruise Lines and Atari, Inc. Prior to his four ... Read More »

Larry Goldberg’s first meal as a zombie


We ran this interview on our old blog back in 2009, and are proud to run it again! Larry Goldberg, a renaissance man, left the corporate legal world to join Activision.  While there, he and several other key players catapulted Activision into a world-wide leader in interactive entertainment.  As President and CEO of Morrison Pearl, Larry has positively impacted numerous ... Read More »

Zombie Meal Noah Falstein to compete in GDC’s Game Design Challenge

Our friend and previous Zombie Meal participant Noah Falstein is set to participate in this year’s Game Design Challenge at the upcoming Game Developers Conference. From Gamasutra: GDC’s classic Game Design Challenge will return to give developers a chance to showcase their best designs based on a given theme. Last year, participants were asked to create a game that was also a ... Read More »

Noah Falstein’s First Meal as a Zombie

Noah Falstein dropshadow

We first ran this interview in 2009, but we still love Noah! Noah Falstein, one of the first ten employees at Lucasfilm Games/LucasArts, The 3DO Company, Dreamworks Interactive and the first elected chairman of the IGDA, has cemented his place as an icon of the industry. He has created games in many genres, including Sinistar, Indiana Jones and the Fate ... Read More »

Ellen Beeman’s First Meal as a Zombie

Ellen Beeman dropshadow

This interview originally posted in January 2010. We hope you enjoy these blasts from the past! Ellen Beeman has been a trailblazer her entire career. It’s an honor to be inviting Ellen to her first meal as a zombie. She is one of my oldest friends in the industry (we met when we worked together at Origin Systems in 1991) ... Read More »

Bob Bates First Meal as a Zombie

MMN originally published this story on 04/15/2010. We hope that you enjoy these blasts from the past as we add them to our new site. Bob is an amazing man and game developer and I wanted to interview and highlight him specifically now because of his recent acknowledgment as IGDA’s 2010 Person of the Year. Most people would agree with ... Read More »