Talk on the street

Apr 212012

After supporting a project through a major acquisition and working at several start ups where I gained a wide-breadth of experience, I was at a loss as to how to convey that experience and story in my resume. With the help of Beverly and Mary Margaret’s services, I now have a solid and professional resume [More...]

Feb 212012

Mary-Margaret Network was a very knowledgeable and very competent mentor to me when I was rebuilding my portfolio and rewriting my resume. They were very professional and I feel like I couldn’t have gotten better service. They have a great deal of experience, and a deep knowledge of the workings of the industry.

Jan 312012

Mary-Margaret was quick to understand our company’s goals and articulate them in her own words.  She helped us define what we needed in a Chief Product Officer and submitted candidates that matched the position, our cultural needs and were excited about our company.  With her help, we hired the best candidate faster than we expected. [More...]

Nov 122011

Working with the Mary-Margaret Network was a fantastic experience. Mary-Margaret communicated diligently and efficiently with all parties and ensured the process kept moving forward smoothly. The focus on the needs of both the company and the individual was balanced and professional and the resulting placement was a big win for all involved.