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Apr 092014
Silicon Valley IGDA Demo Night, April 30th

Our upcoming Silicon Valley International Game Developers Meeting is a Demo Night at Cogswell Polytechnic on April the 30th at 7pm. Contact to reserve your turn in the spotlight! Reserve your turn in the spotlight! Come show off your game to the professionals in the game industry at the Silicon Valley IGDA Demo Night!  Come show off your unfinished game and [More...]

Nov 222013
5 Ways I'm Changing The Game

I’ve been reading, researching, learning, creating, expanding my network and writing a lot. What I haven’t been doing is writing here. Instead I’ve been breaking the “rules” and writing long posts, sharing my thoughts on almost every social network and commenting on articles. I’ve also been deep in my own thoughts late at night writing. [More...]

Aug 182012
Tools & Resources: Use Them to Reach the Top!

Our Job Seeker Resources pages are available for general advice on resumes, portfolios, networking, job searching, career development and much more. Our Career Consulting Services page has a link to our downloadable documents, giving you a do-it-yourself guide to creating a great resume. For personal advice on any career related topic from resumes, a view of the market for your background [More...]

Jun 272012
Stop Stating the Obvious, and Make it Obvious!

A good resume writer, like a skillful storyteller, knows when to leave something unsaid, but still communicate the idea effectively. He or she also knows how to avoid contradicting what was said with the way it was said. Position your resume a cut above the crowd by paying attention to what you can and should [More...]

Mar 202012
New book -- Game Design Essentials

An easy-to-follow primer on the fundamentals of digital game design. Our friend Briar Lee Mitchell, a professor at the Art Institute Online, has a new book available for pre-order at major bookstores like Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. “The quickly evolving mobile market is spurring digital game creation into the stratosphere, with revenue from games [More...]