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Nov 222013
5 Ways I'm Changing The Game

I’ve been reading, researching, learning, creating, expanding my network and writing a lot. What I haven’t been doing is writing here. Instead I’ve been breaking the “rules” and writing long posts, sharing my thoughts on almost every social network and commenting on articles. I’ve also been deep in my own thoughts late at night writing. [More...]

Jan 302012
Quick tips to prep you for GDC - Part 1

Part I of III: The Business Card   If you think people don’t pay attention to business cards, check out this video and think again! When it comes to being an effective networker, presenting a well-developed personal set of business cards means serious business. Your business card is your opportunity to market yourself to new [More...]

Dec 312011
What's next in game industry careers?

A while back, authors of the book, Game Industry Career Guide, provided a look at what the future holds for the game industry. Interesting to see what’s unfolded since then. After completing work on their book, Game Industry Career Guide (part of the Game Development Essentials series, published by Cengage Delmar Learning), Jeannie Novak and [More...]