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Jun 222012
Be a Cultural Influencer at Indiagames!

Indiagames, a subsidiary of Disney, seeks a top tier Director of Game Design. Send us your resume to learn more! The right candidate will experience the joy and exhilaration of teaching high quality mobile game design to an entire department of Indian game designers who are eager to learn Western design skills to make mobile [More...]

Mar 272012
Hot New Jobs: Beachhead Studio Wants YOU for Call of Duty ELITE!

Beachhead Studio, Activision’s newest developer located in Santa Monica, CA, wants YOU if you are committed to innovation, quality and excellence and are looking to grow your career. There are a wide variety of job openings listed below – apply today! Beachhead is a relatively small team of strong, collaborative talent who are passionate about working on large [More...]

Mar 172012
Gameloft Filling Out New Orleans Studio

We started talking about Gameloft’s new New Orleans studio just over a year ago. In the last year, there has been a lot of related scuttlebutt about the growth of the games industry in New Orleans and in Louisiana in general. Since last May, Gameloft opened their new studio in the central business district and staffed [More...]

Feb 172012
Blue Goji in Austin Seeking Server Supers

Blue Goji, a health and fitness game company with offices in California and Texas has opened two Server Engineer positions in their Austin office. Founded by Kai Huang and Charles Huang, founders of Guitar Hero publisher Red Octane, the company boasts an excellent work-life balance and a pledge to integrate well with the Austin lifestyle [More...]

Feb 022012
Blind Squirrel Games hiring for AAA development!

  Blind Squirrel Games, based in Orange County, CA, is looking for more nuts! Well, they want experienced game devs to join their veteran team to work on AAA projects as well as mobile development projects. Currently, they are working with 2K Games and Microsoft on some undisclosed titles. The team has years and years [More...]

Jul 282011
Jobs in Games: BitRaider, Spitball and Turtle Rock

  At Mary-Margaret Network we are working with some really exciting clients right now and we wanted to make sure you know what they are up to and the amazing opportunities each of them are offering.   BitRaider With their passion for excellence, the talented team at BitRaider is working to create great user experiences [More...]

Jul 152011
Spitball is hiring in San Francisco!

Spitball Entertainment is a developer of online and mobile content for kids. Their main objective is to create compelling storylines and characters enabling kids to be part of the ongoing story. They have already assembled a team of highly skilled and talented game industry veterans. Spitball is looking for three fantastic people to join them [More...]