What is your future?


I believe children are the future. I still prefer George Benson’s version over Whitney Houston. But for a real kick go listen to the duet by George Benson and Luciano Pavarotti. Last week I talked with the Digital Media Management (DMBA) graduate students at St. Edward’s University in Austin. They asked great questions. Some of them asked me questions that ... Read More »

Stop Stating the Obvious, and Make it Obvious!


A good resume writer, like a skillful storyteller, knows when to leave something unsaid, but still communicate the idea effectively. He or she also knows how to avoid contradicting what was said with the way it was said. Position your resume a cut above the crowd by paying attention to what you can and should leave out. Far too many ... Read More »

You are a Free Agent and That’s Not Bad News


Do you have a job, or do you have a career? If you work in the games industry, then you probably have a career. It is unlikely you are working in this industry by accident, or that you think of your life as a series of jobs. So if you have a career, are you managing it yourself? If you ... Read More »

Free to Play (F2P) is Speed Dating

roller skates

You’ve got 5 minutes to make a good first impression. The mobile Free 2 Play player customer has improved their self-image. They no longer think of the game as “free.” To them, their time is valuable. They don’t want to waste their time when they could be entertained by a bombardment of pleasures competing for their attention. Name recognition. The ... Read More »

FableLabs is Hiring a Senior Platform Engineer


Urgently required – Senior Platform Engineer for our friends at FableLabs. Please apply through our job board. The job description is included below for your convenience. ABOUT US FableLabs builds NOTHING but awesome story-driven games for the tablet and web. Our team of creatives and technologists from BioWare, Maxis, LucasArts, Popcap, and Dreamworks have built and scaled products with millions ... Read More »

LinkedIn Profiles – The Simple Stuff


Have you checked to see how many profiles you have on LinkedIn? No, I’m not kidding. When I look up someone on LinkedIn and I find more than one profile, I learn a lot – and so does anyone who looks you up on LinkedIn. I have found two or more profiles for almost every type of professional on LinkedIn. ... Read More »

Social Media Clarity


Introducing the Social Media Clarity Podcast For more than three decades, we’ve been using computers to mediate communications between people of like interests. It’s been called many things: Online Communities, Virtual Communities, Collaborative Computing, User Generated Content, and Social Media – just to name a few. As this process of socializing computing has become increasingly mainstream, many lessons have been learned along the way. ... Read More »

Navigating your Career – Anticipating Changes and Opportunities


How should you prepare for a job search?  The best answer to this question is that you should already have all your bases covered. Being primed for a job search in the 21st century is a combination of increasing your value through growing a wider network, leveling up your skills and branding yourself with personal marketing. CREATE A ROUTINE You ... Read More »

5 Ways I’m Changing The Game

I’ve been reading, researching, learning, creating, expanding my network and writing a lot. What I haven’t been doing is writing here. Instead I’ve been breaking the “rules” and writing long posts, sharing my thoughts on almost every social network and commenting on articles. I’ve also been deep in my own thoughts late at night writing. During this time, I have ... Read More »