Profile Pictures – Is that you?

Mary-Margaret Walker

Are your pictures on your social media profiles outdated? I’m taking a new direction in my career called, Everyone’s a “Free Agent and That’s Not a Bad Thing.” In the process I intend to teach people to tend to their careers the way they do their bodies. Regularly and not in crisis mode or only when necessary. To that end. ... Read More »

LinkedIn Profiles – The Simple Stuff


Have you checked to see how many profiles you have on LinkedIn? No, I’m not kidding. When I look up someone on LinkedIn and I find more than one profile, I learn a lot – and so does anyone who looks you up on LinkedIn. I have found two or more profiles for almost every type of professional on LinkedIn. ... Read More »

Social Media Clarity


Introducing the Social Media Clarity Podcast For more than three decades, we’ve been using computers to mediate communications between people of like interests. It’s been called many things: Online Communities, Virtual Communities, Collaborative Computing, User Generated Content, and Social Media – just to name a few. As this process of socializing computing has become increasingly mainstream, many lessons have been learned along the way. ... Read More »

Game Career Development: Be Who You Are!

Laura Ramsey

Personal branding helps potential employers, investors, business partners and consumers learn who you are and what you do. It is your first and most important tool of self promotion. Make it easy on yourself and make your name your brand. Use your name for your website, (, your email address, your social network profiles, and attach it to everything you ... Read More »

You are not l33tgamedesigner

Sheri Rubin dropshadow

  Part of what I did at Mary-Margaret Network was review resumes and work with candidates. In general, most people follow the basic guidelines of good resume writing. Many job-seekers I dealt with were polite, professional, and passionate about what they did for a living. However, there is a common trap that many game developers often fall into and that’s ... Read More »

Rowing Your Boat and Catching Your Fish

Remember when a can of worms was cool because you were going fishing on a warm summer day? You had to keep them in a jar or can with moist earth. I’ve always felt sorry for the worms but I still love the reminiscence. If you are out there networking for your next job, your great new idea or just ... Read More »

Share Yourself to Reach Your Goals

Mary-Margaret Walker

In past newsletters, I’ve discussed the current and growing skilled labor shortage. While this is becoming a global problem due to an aging population and declining birth rate, it has and always will be a problem in the game industry. Our own drive to evolve the technology of games is creating this problem. Experience with the newest platform, the latest ... Read More »

Make It Your Mission

Laura Ramsey

Mission statements aren’t just something large companies put in a nice frame and hang on their walls anymore. They have become a good way to express your brand online for both a company and an individual. Not only has the use of the mission statement grown, but the purpose has also changed. We, as consumers of goods and/or information, are ... Read More »

Liar, liar, pants on fire

Sheri Rubin dropshadow

In this previously published post, Sheri talks about the very real issue of honesty in advertising when it comes to your resume. We can talk all we want about great resume tips. I could point you to many articles on how to write a good resume. There are a lot of blogs out there that will discuss their favorite rules ... Read More »