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Mary-Margaret Walker

Mary-Margaret Walker is one of the most sought after experts in executive recruitment, team building, social media sourcing and executive consulting in digital entertainment, productivity software and technology. Mary-Margaret entered the games industry in 1991 working for Richard Garriott at Origin Systems and then Trip Hawkins at The 3DO Company.  After six years in game development she started Mary-Margaret Network in 1996.  Mary-Margaret Network has worked with all sizes and types of companies in many locations around the world, most notably, Electronic Arts, Disney, Microsoft, Sony, Indiagames & Activision.  Mary-Margaret is unique in her longevity in the industry, her previous game development experience and her deep and wide relationships around the world.


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Billy Joe Cain


Billy Joe Cain, a game industry veteran since 1992, has worked in almost every role from Quality Assurance to Studio Founder. His first day at Origin Systems,Inc., where he met Mary-Margaret, was the day Electronic Arts purchased Origin and he maintains it was the Best First Day Ever(tm). Throughout his career, he has started three videogame studios and worked on over 200 games across all platforms, notably Wing Commander: Prophecy and SpongeBob SquarePants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman. He brings his vast experience of building, hiring and managing teams across the world to Mary-Margaret Network to help people and companies find their perfect matches


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