Make It Your Mission

Make It Your Mission

Mission statements aren’t just something large companies put in a nice frame and hang on their walls anymore. They have become a good way to express your brand online for both a company and an individual. Not only has the use of the mission statement grown, but the purpose has also changed. We, as consumers of goods and/or information, are not interested in your core values or goals, but in what you can do for us! A personal website, a company website and even a blog should all have a mission statement that tells viewers what they can expect to get and how it is different or better than what they can find elsewhere.

Your mission statement should be a description of the value you provide and your reason for being. It should be a concise paragraph, not a long drawn out story. It should be about what you can do, not what you want to do! And as for hanging it on your wall, go ahead and save yourself the money from the frame! Put your mission statement where everyone can see it, not just you or your employees, but anyone who is interested in you…on the internet! Make it easily accessible to those who visit your site or read your blog. As long as you are honest and not overly ambitious, people who read your statement and the content on your site will be able to identify your brand. Make your mission statement your brand, and your brand consistent with your mission statement!

Mary-Margaret Network has a concise mission statement under the heading Who We Are that we keep on our About Us page for easy accessibility. We also have it in all of our profiles on social network sites. We feel our mission statement gives our audience an honest depiction of our services and purpose. Let us know in the comments section below if the content on our site and the services we provide to you are consistent with our mission statement!

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