Keep your tools sharp

Are you knee deep in a long term project? Thinking only about your next deal, milestone, or effort? What will you do when you reach your next goal? You’ll probably come out of your hole and look around at what the rest of the world has been up to while you were working, Right? Wrong. Don’t let four or five years pass you by. You can enjoy the project you are working on and stay in touch, keep your work relevant, and be on top of the latest trends.

Top companies consider the best candidates to be the ones who have the most experience, so why limit yourself to the experience you are getting in your current job? Here are our tips:

Tip One: Enhance your skill set. Acquire new knowledge that will sharpen your tools. Don’t limit yourself to learning skills for the task at hand. Take the time to soak up new information. You may find it even helps you do your job faster, smarter, and more creatively. Sharpening your tools is an important task. Balancing critical tasks with important ones will set you apart from other applicants.

Tip Two: Attend industry talks, events, and seminars. Make time for a weekend conference once a year or even a local evening event. Conferences and gatherings provide the chance to see what others in the industry are doing as well as a chance to personally connect and network with colleagues.

Tip Three: Education. You may not have time to enroll full time or pursue another degree, but you could take a short term, one time class. Many schools offer classes even if you don’t have the years to commit to a program. If there is something you wish you had the chance to take in school, there is no time like the present.

Just in case these tips have inspired you to add something new to your portfolio or resume…please let us know. Email links to your newest work samples, resumes and portfolios to We are looking for great candidates like you who want to “Find. Grow. Work. Play.”

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