Gameloft Filling Out New Orleans Studio

Gameloft Filling Out New Orleans Studio

We started talking about Gameloft’s new New Orleans studio just over a year ago. In the last year, there has been a lot of related scuttlebutt about the growth of the games industry in New Orleans and in Louisiana in general. Since last May, Gameloft opened their new studio in the central business district and staffed up to a healthy size. According to Forbes Magazine, they plan to develop at least one title in-studio this year. See this link from last fall for more details on the direction of the studio:

Gameloft has offices in 30 countries in Europe, North America and Asia, providing an international environment which offers daily contact with other countries and cultures.  They’re a leading developer and publisher and work with exciting partners and clients such as Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, Facebook, Google, Nintendo and Samsung.

Currently, Gameloft is seeking some serious math, statistics and analytics professionals to fill out the team in New Orleans.  See our openings for Sr. Tracking/Analytics Programmer, Data Mining Specialist and Expert Analytics DBA and then apply at Do challenging and rewarding work on the forefront of games! Apply today!









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